Google is dancing again!!


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The Google dance has started again.

Some of the datacenters are slightly different than the rest.
Hope that this dance will be better than the last strange dance...
Lost most of my backlinks, and a lot of pages were not indexed.

I keep my fingers crossed that google will be ok this time...
what does it mean when you say "google is dancing"?

edit: and ok, why did it just come up and say i dont' get anything for my posts? i've exceeded something... i'm lost
GuyontheRight said:
It means Google is about to update it's database :D

That's correct.

This used to happen about once a month, but now the google search engine continously updates it's database, so you can say that it dances all the time.. :D

Trying to understand search engines is a very hard thing to do.. :(
Google has changed it's algorithm several times the last months, so it's hard to figure out how they rank the different pages and keywords...
haha... ok, no offense... but i mean i don't see the importance of it... is there any? i think i'm missing everything :p *excuse the blonde brunette*
Google updates are extremelly important for webmasters..
being #1 or #50 can be the difference between success and failure..

As an example about 50-60% of all the visitors to comes from google searches!
awesome... including mine :-D like a really long time ago..., or at least thats how i found out about your forum, someone recommended the the quotes from Patton on here :D