Good Airborne Age

Even though I have a few years to worry about it :D what I would want to do is go to college first then join military. Would it be really hard to get into airborne from there? I know the physical shit is no problem for me since i run about 2 miles every day and I do 50 su's and pu's every day. I also don't plan to make military a lifelong thing although that might change. Do I have to stick with airborne for a long time? :?: :?:
I know the physical shit is no problem for me since i run about 2 miles every day and I do 50 su's and pu's every day.

:lol: You might want to think about upping that. I need to clear out right now, I'll give you a full answer later.
So, I run 3 miles a day at least, on weekends I run up a mountain and back, 10 miles total :p, and I'm only 13 (14 this friday!). ;) Welcome to the forum man, I want to go Airborne too.
Ok, do you want to be in an Airborne unit (like the 82nd Airborne Division), or do you just want to attend BAC (Airborne school)?
To avoid giving you any misinformation, I will just stick to the little I know (I had an Airborne slot for this August, but lost it due to a back injury). The physical stuff is, to be blunt, not going to cut it. A good running program is to just head out, running as hard as you can, for 15 minutes then head back, don't worry about hitting distances at first. You will notice that very quickly you will be getting a lot farther in those 15 minutes than when you started. 50 pushups and situps is a warmup, even for regular PT, where you will be doing a couple hundred of each (and this is in ROTC land). Do sets of situps and pushups several times a day, and remember to work on your form, because an incorrect pushup is just wasting your time as far as the Army is concerned. To check your form, go to a recruiter and ask them to tell you out on your pushup, and then follow what they tell you. Don't worry so much about reps, do a muscle failure workout at least once a week (preferably twice), and alternate with weights and light days, which you can use for distance runs, too (by distance I mean around 6 to 8 miles).
If you plan on going Airborne (or even to BAC), it will be awhile after you get going (after Basic and AIT if you enlist, and not till your MSII year minimum as a Cadet for BAC), and the Army will get you in the physical shape you need to be in to succeed (this does not mean slack off now, follow the instructions above). Mental is entirely up to you.

Welcome to the forum, by the way.
I'm going to Airborne school on 30JUNE, and 2 miles insn't going to cut it. Run at LEAST 5 miles a day. I do 6 mile runs. Also be able to do pullups, as it is now part of the standard for jump school. 50 pushups/situps is barely making the Army standard for the 18-21 year old age group.
I do not know the health risks involved for working out too much at your age though, you might want to ask a doctor what would be safe for you to do.
Running is fine, I know that for a fact ( I run track and cross country. I run up mountains for fun). No matter what age (almost), running is good for you. I was 12 when I started. (14 day after tomorrow :) ) Just remember to keep hydrated, thats important.

Most dangerous thing about running at our age is crossing the street.

I don't know anything about weight lifting or anything else for that matter.
Running is bad i use to run every single day for mile or more and then i blew my knee out had surgery and all that i am 14 blew my knee out before i turn 13 and i am still out due to surgery... they wont let me run i love to run now i cant do squat :roll: :evil: :(
Knees are the worst joints ever invented. I know a lot of people with knee trouble. When you're bones are growing (through puberty) its not too difficult to screw them. Just gotta know what you're doing, I've never had joint trouble. Talk to your doc if you're worried.
Yeah y'all need to watch the knees, I'm an avid runner (or i was I need to start up again) and one day my right knee would not bend without pain, so I went to the doc and he said I had runners/jumper knee. Basically my knee cap due to being bounced around allot will not track properly so some times when I bend my knee it hurts. I got that problem back when I was 14. fortunately it no big deal they have all kinds of stuff to correct it. but watch out any way.
I destroyed both my knees mountain biking (or actually doing a slightly controlled 30 foot drop on my bike, still got bloodstains on my truck seat from the drive home :lol: ), and was actually scheduled for surgery to repair a torn meniscus in my right knee, but a couple weeks before surgery they did one last MRI and it turned up clean, somehow my body had fixed itself. Yes, I am a miracle. :lol:

But anyway, definitely watch your knees, and your back, those are definitely sensitive items if you want a career in the military, especially if you're going to be in the field, they're going to get enough of a beating after you join, no need to start early.
Ok, I've talked with several people including actual recrutiers and guys who just got out of service and they have told me that what ever the recruiter tells you some of it might not happen. like if you score a 50 on you asvab test and the tell you that you can do any thing, you can but make sure you get it writting down in your contract with the army. So when i take my test which is in a year, and if i score good i'm going to make sure i get what i want in my contract and everything is writtne down becasue recruiters have quotas to fill. but if any one can help me with advice on what basic is like i mean how i can get in even better shape for my basic and my MOS training thanks
Tank..very preceptive...we had a saying in the air Force. How do you know when the recruiter is lying to you? His lips are moving!

You are absolutely correct! Get It In Writing On The Actual Contract Itself! any vocal or non written promises, or even written promises on anything but the actual enlistment contract go right out the door with you... :D
thanks very much and i'm glad that other people can agree with that, i'm still looking on info about airborne if you got any contact me plz
Also remember, when dealing with MEPS; the words "We don't have that option avalible right now" often come up. Don't accept a contract you don't want. Walk away, they will call you back.

As for Abn, you can get that guaranteed on your contract as well. Option20.