Gold of Valor


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The Egyptians represent what was probably the greatest of the ancient civilizations. While the Greeks were just primitive tribesmen and the inhabitants of Britain still sacrificing virgins to bushes, the Egyptians were creating monuments like the Pyramids, establishing trade with Mesopotamia, and exploring the African continent west to the Atlantic Ocean and south to the Indian Ocean. Egypt also knew how to wage war, and it is not surprising then that they established the first military decoration known to history: The Gold of Valor.

The Gold of Valor was awarded by the Pharoah to military leaders who distinguished themselves in battle. Although generals might be represented in stone carvings commemorating battles meant to preserve the event for all time, the Gold of Valor was an honor that could be worn to show his peers and other Egyptians his proven worth in combat. As such, it was a predecessor to modern medals, dating back to at least 1400 BC.

It must be remembered that at this time warfare was still relatively primitive. Good leadership meant leading from the front, even if you were an Egyptian general!

The Gold of Valor was a necklace, with three pendants in the shape of flies. The award was made up of about a half-pound of gold, making it one of the most valuable military decorations as well as the most ancient.

As to why they chose flies to represent valor is anyone's guess.
first, do you have a picture of it, it sounds interesting.

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