Going to Iraq


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My son who is stationed in Korea just got the word that his unit is going to Iraq. Are there any veterans out there that has any advise that we can pass on to him and do you have any advice for us as parents that we can give him the best support possible.
Thanks to all of you who have served and are serving. We may not always agree with the war, but we must all agree to support those that are fighting in it.
I support them all and your son with them. I will teach my kids to respect and admire of such examples of courage.
I hope he will soon return home Smitty.
We have many veterans here and several who have recently returned from Iraq/Afghanistan, as well as a couple who are currently deployed there. Lot of good information out there. One of my friends is making the Korea-Iraq jump pretty soon here, too. Hope your son stays safe and gets home soon.
Thanks Italilan Guy for your support. It's nice to know there are other people in the world that supports our troops.
Thanks Redneck for your support also. All of our troops need to know guys like you are behind them.
Hey smitty, I have a son there too and I have also been deployed there myself during Desert Storm. If there's anything that I can point to as being most needed from home would have to be mail. Anything will do, letters, postcards, newspaper clippings. An occaisional granola bar or paperback book is also appreciated. It's just the little everyday things that are most missed I think. We soldiers spend a lot of our time wondering what things are like back home. Oddly perhaps, my Mom used to send me handkerchiefs when I was in Vietnam. I would ask her to throw them into the laundry, fold them up and send them to me. It was just the smell of the laundry detergent that reminded of home. Many times just that would get me through a lonely night. I know it must sound weird but that's the way it was. Now every few weeks we put together a care package for my son with plenty of extra things for him to share with some buddies.
Thanks DTop for the info. The hankies are a unique idea that I would have never thought of. One of the things I've been doing since he left home is sending him a different pictures of his dog (we're baby sitting) with a note from her on the back. I've gotten some pretty funny shots and he seems to really appreciate that. We've sent him some photo albums and he's filling them up with Dingo.
Thanks for your Desert Storm service, you guys kicked butt. I'll pray your son stays safe and comes home soon.
Thanks again.
I have to agree with DTop that mail is a very important thing to receive.
I have served abroad myself (Lebanon, Bosnia and Macedonia), and one of the things we did think a lot about was how life was back home.
I don't know how it is in Iraq now, but we did not have access to much regular news from the outside world when I was abroad, so newspapers and video recordings of TV news from home were most welcome.
It didn't matter if they were 1-2 weeks old.