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A friend and I are building a couple of ghillie suits for hunting and for airsoft. We plan on taking a standard BDU and sewing reinforcement materials to the knees and elbows and such, then sewing a volleyball net to the BDU. We have stripped the strands out of 10 yards by 54 in. burlap and cut it into 18-inch strands. We plan to tie them in bundles to the netting and also take strips of burlap and attach them as well. Has anyone here made one before or do you have any suggestions for us? It's not like we're using them for a life or death situation, and it's mostly just to eat up some of our free time, but I think we'll have some fun testing them out. :D
First I recomend cutting triangular patterns (like this- /\ ) into the jacket to let air through. Burlap gets EXTREMELY hot, and those cuts will allow some of the heat to dissapate.

The voleyball net sounds like a good idea, but I would separate the burlap into 1" rectangles about 6"-10" long. Strip some string off of it and tie it in different places to break up the pattern. That way, it looks more natural.

When you're done, find a nice sloppy mud puddle and trample the thing in it. Throw it around, dip it in water, throw it in the dirt, run over it with a car, pull it along the floor, make it as dirty as possible, and treat it like a red-headded stepchild. That'll make the coloring more natural and make the brighter parts blend in easier with the surrounding woods.

Probably the most important thing I would say is know exactly when to stop working on it. You don't want it too bushy...It'll stand out in the woods like a sore thumb. They call this the "wookie effect".
Hey, thanks. That trianglular cut thing is a good idea. I'll try that. I also planned on draggin' it in the mud and such like you said. There is a marsh near my house, so maybe i'll just put it on and roll around for a while. Get some mud and mossy plants stuck in it. Thanks again.
Sweet you Airsoft?? Nice to find another in an airsoft group here in California. We have games at least once a month or maybe 2...But we have 2 big ops coming up......One of the guys i know was looking at ghillie suits.. And i was too cause im thinking of gettin a sniper airsoft gun....what guns you have?
Nice idea for the suits, but wearing one while playing airsoft? Will you be able to feel the BB's? Lol, how much can you feel an airsoft gun.

I'd like to airsoft 1 time... if I ever got a good gun, does it hurt as much as a paintball? (With the expensive airsoft guns)
basically with airsoft it depends on 3 things.....What the FPS of the gun is, Is it GBB,Spring,or AEG and how close... Most limits at fields are like 400 FPS for AEG's and 500 for snipers....theres been sometiems when ive been shot at by like a 350 FPS gun and i barley felt it becuase i was running but then i get shot by 200 FPS and it hurts like heck lol.....just depends....As for hurting as much as paintball.....dont know...the only paintballing i did was at our church with these wimpy 1 shot pump guns that ya..
What gun do you have for airsoft?

I'd like to get a thompson electronic i saw one time for like 300$ 8)
Well... i had been using a G3A3... but uh... snaped the sucker in half diving over a log. Anyway, i'm lookingup at a PSG-1 or something similar. Not quite sure yet. I've got tons of spring guns that i never use. M16, L85A1, Desert Eagle, MP5, Super 9, Berretta M9. I have an amazing interest in simply stalking. I've taken my Desert Eagle out in the woods with me and have actually gotten close enough to rabbits and deer to shoot them. Obviously doing nothing but scaring them, but i love it. Just practice for when deer season opens up.
I have a TM Mp5a5 right now that needs some repairs...on the last game of this op we had i was running from behind this cargo truck thing to some bails of hay and i snaped the retractable stock....i was thinking of a Psg1 at one time but that sucker is huge!!!!! Ive been looking at gettin a G3 SG1 for sniping...Im gonna put a scope on it and it comes with a built in bi-pod....Besides my Mp5a5 if have a GBB Berreta M9......
lt_strony said:
Ive been looking at gettin a G3 SG1 for sniping...Im gonna put a scope on it and it comes with a built in bi-pod....Besides my Mp5a5 if have a GBB Berreta M9......

I just did some research on the SG1 (spent most of my school day on the comp... hehe) and found that it is a nice gun. I figured since i need a new one, and i've got 700+ bucks to blow (since i just left my band) i might as well get it, hearing only good things about it. Plus, i used a G3A3 and i loved it. It seems to be almost the same, but slightly more accurate. I also got an upgrade. Steel brushings and gears and a few other things. 350 fps. If you havn't goten your yet then wait. I'll let you know what i think of the gun.
Well.... to all of you who were waiting for my SG1 review, here it is. Got the gun today. Charged the battery and took it out in the woods with my friend. So far it seems very nice. Real sturdy, only the foregrip squeaks, and you can easily take that off by taking out a pin. Somehting that can be done in the bush with no tools. I just put a few peices of duct tape there and that solved the creaks. It's got a high rate of fire that... lets just say it put a evil grin on my face. :twisted:. The bipod was kinda wobbly but i just tighted the screws when i got home and that pretty much took care of it. The mag was hard to load at first (damn Chinese instructions ;) ) but once i figured it out, it made a lot of sense. So bascially, i love this gun. 9/10.
Im into airsoft and paintball, i kind of incline towards paintball because the people who play it usually are more kind and dont make fun of you when you dont say " Steyr " right. They are generally fun-loving and only in it for the fun. Airsoft i like however is because of the realism and more life like feel. But, i am having trouble getting a gun. I was thinking about getting the Armalite/ Classic Army M15A4. Its somewhere around 350$ dollars but it comes with a battery charger, battery, etc etc. Pretty much a starters kit. But on the otherhand, i was thinking about upgrading my Tippmann Model 98, with the M4 retracting stock and the carry handle just to make it look better and feel better, and maybe add a red dot scope to top it off ya know lol. But i dont know. Im kinda torn between airsoft and paintball. Can someone help me with the major good things about paintball and the major good things about airsoft, and the bad things so i can deduct from that. thank You. :?:
Airsoft guns are modeled after the real ones. Meaning that when you buy an M4 RIS, you can interchange most of the external accessories with the real thing (i.e. scope, scope mounts, verticle foregrip, silencer, etc.). This is why i like airsoft so much more. Another plus is that you don't have all that nasty paint to whipe off (just mud) and you can fire on full auto (15-20 rounds per second).