German soldiers using violence on Kosovo POWs.

Italian Guy

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Hi everybody.
Today's issue of Italy's most important daily newspaper reports this news story from German newspaper ( or magazine ? ) Bild, which I know it's very popular in Germany.
It has it that German soldiers deployed under the UN in kosovo have been repeatedely using violence on POWs. Chancellor Schroeder seems to have opened an enquiry. Cameras and such would've been used. Any further info ?
its a fake
the newspaper that brought that up belongs to yellow press.
such photos dont exist.
the german soldier who gaive the newspaper that tip is known. He did things like that some times before. he told the press some scandals that were later proved as not true. here its the same.
i dont understand why he is still in the army.
I hope hes out now.
Pollux said:
i dont understand why he is still in the army.

Seriously, I'm surprised his fellow soldiers didn't convince him to retire after the first time, if higher wouldn't do it for them.
usually his squad- or platoonmembers should have a little talk with him.
Thats how such problems normally are solved here. Dont know what happened there....
i think hes not in a fighting unit....
maybe he sitting in the post office and searching for some publicity...
Well sorry then. I wasn't accusing, just offering some info as I found them on the papers. The link would have been in Italian, anyways. The magazine name is BILD. Sorry Pollux.
to need to excuse. news are news, if we like them or not.
The the whole army went upset for a day, until we rekognized that it was that guy.