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Ok, Here I go again with just a major pain b/c of my period and just being pissed off at people in common.

Now at least Cadet doesn't have to feel quitly by posting something out of the blue. No offense Cadet, but I assumed that was the feeling when you posted about annoying boyfriends and saw what you had wrote later on. ;)

And right now I can assure every damn woman on this earth that my b/f is annoying. And I know as well, that he is a member of this forum. But for once I have to drop the thought of him reading this. Because seriously I don't care.

I just feel quite over run by people, people who doesn't care about other people caring about them.

Sometimes I wonder if I should turn into being a feminist, because nowadays I realize how badlysome guys treat women. Some people can be quite respectless.

How come some men doesn't respect women?

I know that we are annoying and problaby making a hell out of nothing sometimes. But damn.. Today I wish I didn't even know how to spell to relationship.. :roll:

No offense guys, This isn't pointed at you in here.. I am pointing at those guys who actually are @ssholes..

Just felt a lot better now when I dropped this stone out of my chest.

Though, I have to thank you all for just standing out listening to me.

Because, seriously, you guys is the only ones I actually can turn to..

Hard life.. I have no one to turn to IRL.. Damn family.. If I even should call them that.. They aren't even worth that.. :?

Well, Thank you for just being here.. :?