G'Day Everyone


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Hi how's it going. My name is Nick and I'm new to the forum. I've been reading through posts for ages, but never registered before.

I finally decided to get on with it.

A bit of a briefing on me:
I was an Australian Army Cadet for 5 years at 47RCU Keswick Barracks, Adelaide. I was a Sgt and ran the Senior Platoon.
I have just been accepted into officer training at the Royal Military College Duntroon, I leave on November 27th and couldn't be more excited about it. Upon completion of my training I'll be a Lt. 2nd class in the 10/27th rifles battalion.

My main interests are motorbike riding, and the military.
Anyway, I hope to make a good, strong, and useful contribution to this forum in future. Thanks fellas :D
Welcome Nick. Another RMC guy here, eh? Cool. I'm here at the Prep year for RMC Kingston.
Thanks everyone, everyone here seems like a decent bunch, and thats usually pretty hard to find on the internet. Good to be part of it all.