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Welcome to the International Military Forums

You can find updated forum rules here:


Additional rules in this category:

No more "Who's best" posts allowed until further notice.
(Who is/has the best SF/Army/Leader, who would win if Norway invades Sweden etc...)
History related posts like this are still allowed. (in the history category)
Please try to provide a source or a reference of some kind where appropriate.

Feel free to post or PM me your own suggestions to new rules.
Recent events has forced me to add another forum rule:

9. Do NOT double post (reply directly after one of your own posts)! Use the edit button instead!

Please respect it, since it's very annoying to read double posts!!
Added a new rule about images today:

10. Please do not add pictures in your posts that are not located on your server(s) or servers you are allowed to use. Images from official sources are ok ( etc.), as long as you add a link/source to that site.
If you want to use images from other sources then please link to them only, bandwidth theft is not a nice thing!
I have added a new button that will appear on each post now
"Report Post"

You can use this button to report a post to the forum staff.

Use it only if you believe the post (or some of it ) violates the forum rules, or a post have been posted in the wrong category.

We will deal with the problem as soon as possible.
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