for sale: brand new SPETSNAZ titanium helmet


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brand new titanium helmet used by russian special forces
the helmet is made in 2005 and its never used

here is some info, if you want more or more picture's, then contact me

The Titanium helmet stand the bullets from the corresponding fire-arms. They are made of three metal plates ( titanium ). The damper laying (polyfoamurethan) inside the helmets absorbs the dynamic action of the bullet. It protects the forehead, the temporal lobes, the back of the head and the upper neck. Their construction gives the possibility to regulate the helmets according to the size of the user's head. The surface of protection - not less then 10 square decimeters

the current bit is now at 420 us dollar

thank you and have a nice day

buy now price is 475 us dollar
buy now price is now 450 dollar, and i give you an extra thing for the russian helmet

mail me if you are interested