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You know that you want it...You know that you NEED it...And now, for a low introductory price of $7,000,000...YOU can have your VERY OWN 1944 Colossus Class Aircraft Carrier!!!! Perfect for those dictators looking to start up their very own world class* navy!!!

BID NOW before some other sick twisted credulous bastard does!!!!

*terms include "current" and "world class" apply to the year 1945.

I think we need to pool our money and have a group buy off this site. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! :twisted:
I just actually called my g/f and told her to check it out. She said she'd buy it for me.

If we had $7 million. :(
7 Million Dollars is like, let me check.

If I counted right now wich I am sure I did it's 49.000.000 SKR

It's freakin to much swedish crowns for my sake.

And by the way, I don't trust boats and why would I need that giant thing?

I will keep myself to the russian surplus, because I will soon buy some clothes and stuff there. :D

Should be about 7,000MilBucks, and I'll throw in a couple of flags and a moderator status too.
This baby should be mine in no time now!!! :lol:

Ebay has some really weird auctions sometimes!
I hope they do.
Be a whole load of dinero they won't be able to spend on bombs, they'd need a couple thousand militants to crew it and have no planes, and have no access to it unless they went through Lebanon, and I'm pretty sure Israel could sink a 1944 aircraft carrier pretty easily if the need arose :lol: .

What's really wierd is that if you think about it, for the amount of money one of these pop stars spends on making a new music video, they could own a dang aircraft carrier. To heck with the video, I'd buy me the ship and moor it about 20 miles off-shore and make it my own little private island with no laws or taxes. Then I could be king. Or a pirate. Yeah that'd be awesome.
:lol: :lol:
Why, they got no aircraft, it would do more harm then good, which i guess is a good cause we could just blow em all up at the same time and get it over with. :firedevi:
I don't know, we'll have to see if you're worthy. It's a very exclusive thing, you know. :wink: