fN fal

Never used the real thing, but i've heard some cool stuff about it. I know this is no comparison, but it's a nice gun in most video games.
We confiscated a lot of FN Fals in Lebanon.

It looks quite similar our own AG3 rifle.

I have never used the FN Fal, but it's quite good and accurate from what I have heard from others..
Good, reliable weapon. Semiauto.
Provides good stopping power with 7.62 mm...something that the smaller caliber weapons lack.
chewie_nz said:
NZ used it for many years before switching to the Steyr AUG. my dad was in love with them.

I liked them as well but found them heavy the Steyr never really felt right but it was a lot easier to cart around.
Nice rifle, just a little to big for what our current soldiers need. But there is a US company that makes a 16 inch barreled FN FAL. DSA Arms Inc. Here's there website, http://www.dsarms.com/ I owned a Belguim FN FAL for a while. I sold it and got a Gewehr 43. It shot pretty good. But I like the M14 a little more.
I used an FN-FAL at a Tactical Match last month. Accurate ease of operation and nice. But yeah a tad heavy.
Carried a variant in South Africa - the R1. It is a bit heavy, but you feel exceptionally armed. It will take targets out (hiding behind trees and brick walls). Keep it clean and it is just as reliable as an AK or M16 - don't clean it and you have trouble on your hands. If I had to have one shtf rifle, a FN Fal PARA moel would be it.
It will take down pretty much any sized animal (I know of 2 occasions where field rangers took down Elephant in South Africa).
I've always loved the L1A1 SLR (FN FAL). Both when they were in service and now that we have the Steyr. Mind you I was only an Army Cadet back in the days when I used an SLR, but they were beautiful old girls. I can't say enough good things about them; although they do have a bit of heft to them and they need to be re-zeored before each patrol.
This is what the FN FAL should be for standard issue.


Only in America, can you own something like this baby. :rambo:
Used the L1A1 SLR for 6 years before converting to the Aus Steyr.
Loved it. Miss it.
Worth its weight for sheer stopping power and accuracy.
Plus you could club some poor ba#$%#d with if they got too close.
Not like the plastic fantastic I use today.
Never minded the weight and sorely miss the feel of firing a long arm.
Stick a bayonet on the end and your in business.
Stick a bayonet on a steyr and you'll be laughed at!
Just my opinion.
Warwick said:
Stick a bayonet on a steyr and you'll be laughed at!
Just my opinion.

I think so too, bullpup style rifles and bayonets...doesn't really sound like a good couple to me :)
FN FAL, a lovely rifle,then again my experience of using one on a range is not an accurate test of the weapon.Ive never had to lug its great weight and size+ a load of its heavy ammo through a military campaign.However personally i love it,it hits what i aim at and for me thats what counts.