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Hello everyone,

I am glad to be here with all of you.

I am from China now living in Europe studying and working.

I like to read all world news military or politic.

I hope to be able to contribute a bit to the Forum from a point of view of a CBC (China Born Chinese) :)

Thank you,

Thank you all.

Maybe our views on matters especially related to China may differ quite a lot, but please just don't mind, I am here to be a forum mate of all of you, not enemy :)

btw, I just posted some pics in the thread about "chinese invasion of chinese taiwan" :)

Also, I want my Avatar to show up, but it does not show yet, click on my Profile, there it is, it is Chinese Navy.

FlyingFrog :lol:

Well You was here first, and it was probably your topics that made me sign up and take up the "battle" around foreign tanks and equipment.


People assume to much these days :D

Ds: Thanks for those screen savers!