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Hello one and all. I hope that someone here besides my great and wonderful self(8-) ) is aware of this most glorious holiday(which is actually tommorow(the 23rd)). Seeing as I cant put up an aluminum pole on the forum, and we cant really demonstrate any feats of strength online, I think that the only part of this most joyous occasion that we can accomplish is the airing of grievences. Let the grieving begin!!!!!!

(for those of you who are completely lost by what i just wrote, Festivus is a "made up" holiday from the american TV show called "sienfeld". Festivus is celebrated by putting up an aluminum pole, by demonstrated some feats of stregth(like wrestling) and the airing of grievences, wherin you say what makes you angry. If there is still any confusion left, well, you'll just have to look up Festivus on Google, becuase i am sick and tired of writing)

and because this is no longer, "christmas time" my associates and myself at school have come up with a new greeting to greet those that you dont quite know how to greet.

"Happy chrismahannafestiqwanzicadon"
wait wait, what do u mean a pole and feats and strength? wrestling?

what does all that hjave to do with the pole?

oh and anger?

whats the point?

Well my grievance, post Festivus celebrations, is that I've been shut out of the forums due to a technical glitch in the system (I accuse Satan as the responsible party), when the forums went over to the new format.

However all is well now I think with Redleg looking into the problem. Hope this post makes it unlike the other dozen I've tried to make over the last 8 weeks.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.