Favourite moment?


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What's your favourite military moment?

Mine must be in Poklek, Kosovo. Being on a two man patrol we parked the vehicle on a hilltop and watched the sun set at Gradina Mal in complete silence (even no grasshoppers).

A fantastic experience... :D

What I ment was your best army experience to use other words. Like when you scored 100 on the shooting range, passed your NBC test or ran a minute faster on the 3000 meter test... Such things - I guess we all have our moments but the reponse so far indicates you are all mean lean killing machines :drill: and the topic posted being stupid :stupid:

I'm off to the :2guns: range...
I had mine last week, we were in Russarö that's an Island in the Finnish Archipelago and we attacked up some cliffs and my favorite moment was after the attack when I sat down took a cigarette and watched out on the open sea, the feeling was unbelivable...
I havent had many memorable moments as of yet, but i will say that my most memorable moment so far would have been getting in a fight with a fellow cadet who had just finished blatently finished userping the authourity of my squad leader. It happened in August, during me CB's basic training. It was about half way through the training whan some things happened that lone wolf boy didnt like. so he promtly asked his buddy if HE wanted to be a squad leader. as his buddy was a faithful guy, he agreed, and so as my squad leader and i were cleaning the head, the guy who ill call rebel, came bursting into the head and told me that i was wanted by the CO up headquarters. well, considering rebels violent demeanor i immeadiatly was suspicous. finally i managed to worm out of him that thew CO did not want me, but rather that he wanted to "talk". I refused and decided to carry on my merry way ,and try to ignore him, he finally left, but i knew that he wasnt done yet by any means. the squad leader and i finished cleaning the head, when he just sat down and asked me why every one hated him, as i knew more of the matter than did he, i proceeded to tell him what was going on in the barracks. but rather than uplift him he was downcast and sorrowful, almost to the point of tears. we then left the head and started t owalk across the parade ground towards the dumpsters,carryingtrash with us. rebel and his buddy then appeared and asked him if he was willing to give up his position as squad leader for one whom they believed to be better suited t othe job. i snapped,and giving my trash to the squad leader i turned and walked back to miscreant and his confederate and proceeded t otalk to him, when this failed and he started to show signs of fight i nailed him in the chest in one of the hardest bows i have ever struck. he staggered but immeadiatly proceeded to shout obsinitys at the suad leader and mock him in several different ways. he then left. not very long afterwards did i see him uplifting the new "leader" and insulting the real squad leader. I burst into the room and in one fell swoop kneed him in the groin :evil: grab his throat and planted my fist with no ceromony in his cheek. why i did it i will never know as he was a seriously big guy and could, under normal curcumstances pummel me into a pullp. the fight lsted about 30 seconds longer. i immeadiatly turned myself over to the MAA of the camp, a kindly guy with whom i was on good terms, and told him what i had done. rebel whisped away and acted like nothing had happened. bad move, the CO was told of the happenings and and called a meeting. I told my story with all of the honesty i could gather, but the story was sadly imbellished by rebel and his cronies. as all turned out we were allowed to remain at the camp for the duration of the training, althoug hfor what sane reason i shall never know
Favourite moment.....hmm. I've had several moments that could be labelled as 'favourite'.

I suppose when I got sworn into the Canadian Forces as an Officer Cadet would probably be my personal favourite moment. Next to that would probably be my solo cross country flight on in a Cessna 172 in the summer of 2003
Crap.... since I have no military experience I can't have a favorite moment. But in civvy life it is feeling the love. When the missus just, out of the blue, caresses me.... pfff I feel like a mountain! And I am not even talking about those moments Sky. But those rarely come out of the blue, I always have at least a little time to adjust to the coming events :)