"Fat Camp" experiences ?


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anyone ? I think I'm doomed to attend this particular version of purgatory, so I better find out all there is to know about it.....anyone know the low-down on this, and wouldn't mind filling me in.

All I know right now is that if I fail the standard entry-level test at the reception phase (17 pushups, 21 situps and run 2 miles under 21 minutes), I will 'qualify' for fat camp, which will further delay my entry into BCT ... I want to know exactly what goes on in this camp, and if I can get fully into shape at my own pace in there, before being subjected to the full rigors of BCT ?

Experienced voices, please......

Ok, that is the wrong answer. You should bust your hump now to get ready, get in shape on your own BEFORE you leave. If you put forward any effort, you should have no problem meeting those standards. Don't ever set yourself up for failure, don't consider it as being a possibility, and you will do fine.

Although I have not been to Basic Training (I went to a shortened 4 week ROTC "Fantasy Camp" version as my Colonel calls it :lol: ), my training sergeant has myself and another cadet work out with new enlisted recruits from the Recruiting Office downtown to get them prepared for Basic (physically and by teaching them a few tricks like making beds and shining boots and basic D&C). We have NEVER had one that could not make the standard after leaving us, we even had one female who could not do a single push-up to standard, but was doing 20 after two weeks. This success has very little to do with my buddy and myself, and almost everything to do with the increase in confidence that these now Privates had. If you think that you won't be able to do it, you most likely won't, just remember that this isn't High School gym class where if you make faces and act like your dying, you can get by without putting forth your full effort, that just ain't gonna work in the Army (and probably not in any of the other services either).

Now, if you want to get in shape before you leave, all you have to do is do push-ups, sit-ups, and run on your own, no need for any fancy workout systems or anything, to improve in these events, it is very true that practice makes perfect. Workout with a friend who can tell you if you're making the standard with your push-ups and sit-ups This means break the plane of the shoulders, keep your back straight, and never rest your stomach on the ground or let your knees touch, those will "terminate your performance" on the former. For the latter, you cannot let your butt leave the ground (no bouncing), your fingers must be interlocked behind your head at all times, and to count your back must make a 90 degree angle with the ground each time, and you cannot rest except in the up position. For push-ups, you may rest by sagging your stomach or arching your back, but you need to straighten it again before starting to push again.

I hope this helps you, and good luck at Basic.
It is all bullshit. That PT test is a ****ing joke. Just ****ing do what you gotta do. The fastest way to get in shape is to stop drinking soda and eating shit, run a little, it doesn't even have to be fast, just do something. I went to basic at 205 and in football shape, which isn't all that great by any stretch of the imagination, and i came out at 175. just do PUs SUs and run and you will be good to go. Reception is ****ing hell. I was there for 2 weeks and hated every second of it.
Even for the most unathletic unphysically fit person the entry level test is ridiculous. An 8 year old girl could do it, and if you can't if you worked at it in a couple of weeks you could.

Start by running. Running is the best thing, it builds your endurance, mental endurance, and requires little/no strength or skill.

I speak from experience, I'm a fat kid now converted to a skinny track/cross country 5 minute mile runner. Try and get a buddy to run with you. Start with one mile everyday. Make sure to stretch and drink plenty of water all the time. For the first week you'll feel like you're going to die but gradually get used to it. Even if you're exhausted from 100 yards you can run 1 mile, anyone can. Before you know it you'll be able to do 2 miles in 21 minutes NO SWEAT. I know from experience when I first started running.

Once you're able to do that the other will come a lot easier. You should also be doing push-ups and sit-ups before and after you run. Start light, 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups before you run, same after you run. you should be able to use your descretion to know when to up it to 15, 20 ect.

How long till you ship for Basic? I guarentee you you'll be able to pass the Entry Test.

But most important is a good mental attitude. Always remember, when you've done as many push-ups as you possibly can, you can always do one more.

Good luck, don't give yourself the indignity of going to the fat farm when you have the capability to make it.
Thank you for the Advice and Encouragement

Thanks everyone ... I guess I was thinking that fat camp could be my way of getting in shape, but now I realize I would be much better off doing that on my own Before shipping...

I haven't even signed on officially yet, but may do so shortly, and will pick a ship date at least 3 months in the future, which should give me enough time to get in shape, at least in the running, pushup and situp realms. I never looked at it in those simple terms, and your posts have made it much easier for me to approach......I'm still a little worried since I'm 32, and have never been physically active in my life, and am kinda overweight to boot, so it'll take some doing to pass muster. But I'll get cracking immediately on the fitness regimen, at least the running, pushup and situp part.....10, 10 and 1 mile on the treadmill to start, at 3.5 miles.

hopefully I can find a buddy to keep me honest, also.

Thanks again, your posts were very helpful!
i'm constantly in touch with my recruiter.....

and i've already been to intake at a MEPS, just have a couple medical issues to take care of before i can swear in. The age limit for Army is 35 (its even higher for re-enlistment, but I'm a newbie, as you can tell)

I took the asvab and scored 99 %ile, and 130 on GT, and I guess this pretty much gives me the choice of any branch/discipline... I just need to weigh all the alternatives before I sign on the dotted line.

DO NOT repeat DO NOT take running shoes, they will make you buy them there anyway. Whether you need a pair or not. The one's that they make you buy are alright, the only stress fractures that people got were from road marches in bad combat boots.
Bad knees come from a rough life, 10 years of lacrosse, four years of football, and 2 and a half years in the army have done their fare share of damage to my knees. But I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.
When i first read this thread i thought about Sweidsh miles, i thought that 2 miles in 21 minutes is a tad bit hard. Two Swedish miles are about 13 american miles :oops: that would mean that you'd have to run 1 km in about one minute, thats a bit extreem. :lol:

The "Basker" test is 5 Swedish miles though with full packing, but you only need to walk. Its a test to earn your right to ware the Basker (the barret, and not the weapon heh)

My brother was a tad bit unlucky, he broke something in his hip during this march, but he did earn it on his second try after his hip got better. :)