Farenheit 9/11


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Personally, I don't agree with many of Michael Moores philosophies, but I just recently heard that the movie is banned in the Mid-Western States. Isn't that impeding on freedom of speech?
nope...communitys have the right to establish what will and will not be seen in the states, because it is a right ceded to them by the constituion as the other powers not in constitution.

If you'll notice, there isn't a national obscenity law, or a national law that states all textbooks will say only this...ect ect

denying michael the right to make his movie or telling him not to say something would have been a violation of his right to free speech.but once its in the public view, and the community standards say it can be shown due to excessive violence, sex, or the like...the community can ban it for the public good.

Its funny that way..but it can happen. free speech only guarantees the right to say it peacefully without reprisal. It doesn't protect the work from not being shown or distributed.