Famous Joshua L. Chamberlain Speech!


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Alright well, I have to present a speech in class spoken by a famous person, and the first one that came to my mind was the one spoken right before the battle of Fredericksburg. Where he quotes a writing talking about Caesar. I was wondering if someone knew where I could goto find a copy of that ENTIRE speech? A link to a site would be PERFECT. Thanks
u posted this message in another section u don't really need to do that.

Anyways if the dvd has a script bonus feature u could use that to find the speech. Hope it helps.

yes. I deleted that one. Thanks d101. Wizard, not that its a big deal, just please dont double post, then i have to lock and delete, and its irritating.
I know it's quite some time since you posted this but I figured I'd post this anyway. I found this http://www.americanrhetoric.com/MovieSpeeches/moviespeechgods&generalschamberlain'srome.html.
Being a movie quote I have no idea of weather or not it's historically correct or not but it's all I could find, and I hope it might be of some help