F16I Vs. F15I, did the IAF choose right

Well, i take range is not mutch of an issue for Israel, as most threats are next door anyway. Plus, the F-16 is cheaper than the F-15. That too had most likely something to do with it as well i bet.
Well, we have air-refule aircraft....And the F-16I is a longer range version thatn usuall....an yes cost was involved...
Damn that -16I is ugly...what are those bulges on the fuselage?!

Anyway, the -16I performs better than the -15I, but the -15I is faster. The -16I only has one engine, which might be a problem if you run within range of a SAM site or another fighter. I'd go for the -15I.
The bulges you see added along the upper part of the fusealage are conformal fuel tank to extend the aircrafts range without sacrificing performance. In the words of the manufacturer: "removable conformal fuel tanks (CFTs) have been added along the fuselage and above the wing roots, freeing-up underwing hard points for additional armaments"

Same type of additions were made to the F-15 strike eagle, only those taks are along the underside of the fusalage.

Well, I have always liked the F-16, while it is old it still packs a punch, the Air Guard Stationed here in Sioux Falls has 15 Single Seater F-16's and one two seater, they are called the Fightin' Lobos. But the F-15 does have one major advantage over the F-16, it can lose a wing and still fly fast enough to stay in the air, its body creates just enough lift that it will work like a rocket, it has actually happened before, I am not sure where but the US Air Force, Nasa, and the company that builds the F-15 all sent people to inspect it after this happened.
I am at a F-15 base and I love them. Definetly faster, I believe they carry more payload, have a better and longer range radar, the only disadvantage of the F-15 is it is a bigger target and not quite as agile but I think the speed and radar make up for that......

The both planes are magnificent,
F-15 +speed
F-16 +agility

So actually I dunno what plane's the best. But I would look for what purpose do You need it.
What the F-16I looks awesome! They made the right choice, definetly the 16 is plimper, and more agile fast is fast. :cowb: