F-15 ride


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I guess this is the right place for this, kind of bragging I guess but I thought you guys could appreciate it. The base I am stationed at gives exceptional performers a reward of taking a ride in the back seat of an F-15. And I got to have mine this past monday :rock: , Memorial Day. I won't brag to much but it was awesome I would not trade that experience for anything in the world. We did 10 fly bys at different Memorial Day celebrations. I have rode in lots of transport planes but nothing even compares to the rush of experiencing the G force in an F-15 :visor: Ok I am done tooting my own horn now.....
Did they prepare you for the G force first??
And congrats. by the way i would love to ride in that one!! :lol:
Congratulations. I wish I could get a ride in an F-15. The best I'm going to get is a CH-124 Sea King.
good stuff..the only plane I'llbe flyin in is a C130, and then they're gonna push me out the door :lol:
I was selected as the Airman of the year, subtituted as a Flight Seargent for a while (as an E-4), was selected as our Operational Readiness Inspections Top Performer, and I think I was in front of the commander at the right time....LOL
Thank you guys... After the ride was over my step mom asked me if I would have rather had the money it cost to launch and fly the plane that day.........my reponse UMMMMM NOOOOO FREAKIN WAY, how many people get the chance to fly in one of those. I feel blessed.