Explosive Ordnance Specialist or Inafantry?

mikealphatango said:
just wondering what everyone thinks, who likes what? dealing with the disposal of rockets, bombs, etc. or Infantry?

Well, I'm a little confused here. Your profile already says you're a 55D (That MOS has changed, BTW) so why would you be asking about EOD vs. INF? Why don't you head on to the welcoming center, give us an introduction of yourself with a little background on your military career.

I know it changed to 89D, but, im coming off my 5th year of service, probably going to re-up, i love the job i do now, but id like to know how infantry soldiers like their job, if it sounds intresting i might make an mos change. just want alittle insight thats all.
coming from me, I'd say 11B. I want to go 11A, do the Ranger School, SF, etc. but of course coming from me it woulnd't be a completely objective and unbiased point of view :)