Explosion kills at least 35 in Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood

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Media: The Associated Press
Date: 23 September 2006


BAGHDAD, Iraq_A bomb blew up a kerosene tanker truck in Baghdad's Sadr City
neighborhood on Saturday, killing at least 35 people, police said.

Another 36 people were wounded by the 10 a.m. (0600 GMT) blast in the
sprawling Shiite slum. People frantically carried survivors from the narrow
muddy street to ambulances, and hauled away bodies in blankets.

Dhiyaa Ali a 24 year-old college student, said he heard the explosion from
his nearby home and ran to the street to help people. He said bodies and
blood were everywhere.

"I went into the flames just to get anyone left out of the fire," told The
AP. "I saw a mother holding her child, both of them burned and dead."

The bomb was hidden in a barrel near the tanker, where scores of people were
waiting to buy fuel, said police Col. Saad Abdul-Sada.

A crowd of people was gathered behind the truck, with a long line down the
street when the bomb exploded, Abdul-Sada said. There were more people on
hand than usual as families sought to stock up on fuel for the Muslim holy
month of Ramadan, he said.

In the aftermath of the blast, sandals of all sizes littered the ground,
scattered around a large pool of water mixed with blood.

"I swear to Allah that this is a revenge against Sadr City," a young man
yelled, raising his hands in the air. "Where is (Prime Minister Nouri)
al-Maliki's government?"

Seventeen women were among the dead, Abdul-Sada said.

Sadr City is home to more than two million people and a stronghold of the
Mahdi army _ a Shiite militia loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.