Exclusive: U.S. to invite Myanmar to joint military exercises

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BANGKOK (Reuters) - The United States will invite Myanmar to the world's largest multinational military field exercise, a powerful symbolic gesture toward a military with a grim human rights record and a milestone in its rapprochement with the West. Myanmar has been invited to observe Cobra Gold, which brings together more than 10,000 American and Thai military personnel and participants from other Asian countries for joint annual maneuvers, officials from countries participating in the exercises told Reuters. "It's significant. ...

1.Even the ancient world has seen such a ruthless rapacious regime as the Burmese dominated Myanmar military. All these trials being held at The Hague are small incidents compared to the massacre and destruction caused by the Burman military on the non-Burman nationalities.

2. The Junta controls only the central seven civil divisions which is the traditional home of the Burmans. The surrounding seven states are occupied territories and subjugated peoples held so by force of arms. As such these seven nationalities have kept on fighting the Burmese since 1948 when the British left.

3. The Americans are no doubt attracted by the oil and gas deposits in Burma including off shore.