Ex pat new member from UK now living in Thailand

Hello everybody. I've just joined the forum after watching a you tube video of how the Russians deal with the Somalian Terrorists that have been attacking and highjacking vessels at sea. I was amazed to watch a video some months ago which showed how the 'Swedish' patrol vessel dealt with this same situation. They disarmed the people in the boat and then proceeded to give them water and provisions and towed them pat of the way back to where they had come from - bloody unbelievable; whereas the Russians blew the hell out of them and blew up the boat. Seems like a very good idea to take one of the terrorist off the boat and give him a copy of the video to take back to his chums and show them just what they can expect - maybe they might get the message that not all nations are given to 'Political Correctness'.
I don't know how other people view this ongoing situation, with vast amounts of money having been paid in ransoms to these thugs - albeit most of the ransom monies being denied by various governments, but my thoughts are that the Russians are dealing with it in the only way that can get through to these people, that we will not tolerate them anymore and the consequences will be dire for them in the future.
Welcome aboard! I personally think that throwing a ball of fire onto a fire doesn't help to put out the fire, but that's just me.