Evernham would hire Schumacher

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If Michael Schumacher wants a ride in NASCAR, [#9, #10, #19 team owner] Ray Evernham has one waiting for him. Evernham, who works with German company DaimlerChrysler, has issued an open invitation to the seven-time Formula One champion to give stock car racing a try. The German driver retired from racing red Ferraris after the 2006 season. Asked recently about Juan Pablo Montoya leaving F1 to drive in NASCAR, Schumacher told The New York Times: "Personally, I wouldn't do it. What do you do in NASCAR? What is exciting there? I can't see that, running around on ovals." But Evernham would like him to reconsider. "I'll put him in a red car, a real good car, any time he wants to come over here and try it," he said. "A lot has changed in recent years. These cars are looked on as much more sophisticated than they used to be. I think he'd find them technical enough to keep him happy."(ESPN.com/AP)