Ever had a tire disentegrate??


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I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I'm a stickler for my car. It's practically my dream car, and whenever anything goes wrong with it, I'm practically a basketcase until it's fixed.

This weekend we drove to Columbia SC, (about 3 hours away), to see a few museums and to eat dinner. Thank God the tire didn't blow down there because we'd have been royally screwed.

After church is when I noticed it, and it took 4 cans of Fix-A-Flat to get it 10 miles to the tire store...as they were closing. The hole was about the size of my pinky finger, and I couldn't change it because the stupid tire store I USED to go to stole my rim lock key. Funny how I never knew that until today.

Pretty close call as I NEED to have a car to practically survive financially. I'm the head of marketing for the MHC Lacrosse team, and missed a deadline to have flyers posted all over town all because of that damn tire.

But on a good note...Since I was so down about the whole ordeal (financially mostly haha) my g/f (I'm gonna marry this woman) surprised me with a titanium Seiko watch. I returned the favor by getting her a Citizen Eco-Drive watch. If only she could clean as well as she can cook.....

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
Nope. It was an accident. Could have been prevented had I rotated the tires more than I did.
Hey, join the club, I live on a farm and we change about a tire a day, but there are always those exciting days when we get 3 or 4. Like the day my dad had a flat on the truck, went to town to get it fixed, got another flat on the way, home, said sc*** it went to work in the field and got a flat on the tractor - really expensive. So, hey your day could have been worse! Did you pick up a nail or something to make an actual hole?
I mostly liken it to typical Z rated tire tread wear. Absolutely horrible.

The driver/front tire just wore down enough to where the steel actually punctured the rubber.

I guess it could have been worse like you said. That sucks hardcore.
One time I took a shortcut over the curb in town to cut across to a sidestreet and some jacka** had tossed a broken cinderblock in the ditch, ripped a hole in my left rear big enough to stick three fingers in. Then when I was changing it, my jack broke and my truck almost crushed me (my buddy saw it start to wobble and warned me just before it let go, so I was able to roll out from under the back).