Even More US Field Artillery Mottos


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Celer et Audax - Swift and Bold - 6th Field Artillery

Nunquam Fractum - Never Broken by Hardship or Battle - 7th Field Artillery

Audacieux et Tenace - Daring and Tenacious - 8th Field Artillery (also know as the Automatic 8th for their high rate of fire)

On Time - 11th Field Artillery

Servabo Fidem - I Will Keep Faith - 33rd Field Artillery

OK, here are some more:

Our Country, Our Regiment - 79th Field Artillery

Facta Non Verba - Deeds Not Words - 143rd Field Artillery

Eager for Duty - 157th Field Artillery

Toujours En Avant - Always Forward - 160th Field Artillery
A couple more:

10th Field Artillery - The Rock's Support (refers to the 3rd Infantry Division - The Rock of the Marne)

13th Field Artillery - Red Dragons

32nd Field Artillery - Proud Americans

41st Field Artillery - Mission Accomplished

3rd Infantry Division Artillery - Marne Thunder

40th Infantry Division Artillery - Sunburst Steel (the official motto from the Division DUI is Duty, Honor, Courage but Sunburst (from the Division SSI or patch) Steel is who we are.)
Combination of research tools beginning with the units I have been in or know from personal experience (most recently the 157th and 160th FA), my Distinctive/Regimental Unit Insignia collection (about 100 - mostly US Army from different branches), books on this subject that I own and the great world wide web (US Army Institute of Heraldry and unit webpages).

Oddly enough, some regiments are harder than others to track down as the DUI has no motto on it and they are not units that are currently on the active rolls. Without asking a unit member or seeing the Battalion, Regimental or Brigade Colors, it is almost impossible to find the info out.

But it is a challenge I enjoy and you are most welcome. :D

When we would meet officers, we would salute and say " Right on, sir, right on time!" Some were amused, some were not.
Yep, that would explain it. I miss the old Salerno Buttercookie - I wonder if DA will ever bring them back again.
C Btry 3/320th FA's motto was "Hot Steel, Hooah"

When I was with the 3/320th FA our motto changed due to just completing Desert Storm. It was "TCB" then it switched to "Thunder in the Valley"

2/320th FA was "Balls of the Eagle" lol and it had an eagle out from=nt of their HQ with an eagle with cannonballs in its talons.

I believe 101st Divarty is already posted... "Guns of Glory"

460th Chemical Brigade "Cover the Force"

US Army Chemical School motto "We've Got The Nerve"