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Hi there...
Whatever I say, just pardon my French....'cause I am!
Retired from the military (FR) and pro-military.
Loves Tanks, mini cars, History and geopolitics. I am a Professional political correctness offender and I love to say it the way it is.
If any issue with my Frenchship, just bring it on! I always enjoy a good argument with smart and civil people (I never talk to rude morons because it is a waste of time to try to educate them!).
My website will tell you more
Glad to be here and to be of any help!
Welcome to the forum Eric.
Glad to have some Frenchmen aboard.

There has been some cases of "French jokes" here, but I want this to be an international forum, so most of those has been weeded out..

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
Hey Eric welcome!

Hope you'll get to fix some of our widespread standpoints about France. I might be biased in a sense but I hope you'll represent a side of your country we appreciate.
Welcome or bienvenue, whichever you prefer. So am I correct that you are originally from France but now you live in California? If so I wonder what brought you to the U.S.?
Je parle francais un peu 8) I'm taking French 1 now, but next year I will take French 2 (lol) :rambo: Oh and Welcome!!! :p