Enabled SSL/HTTPS encryption on the forum


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I've enabled HTTPS (encryption) in the forums today, so all commications between your browser and the server should be encrypted and safe now.

There may still be some non-encrypted small bugs hiding in the code, so please PM me if you get any error messages, messages/warnings about mixed content, not seeing a green padlock in your browser etc.
Or you can post it in this forum:

This means that pictures posted from other sites that doesn't use/support encryption (HTTPS links) won't work here anymore.
The forum tries to use the HTTPS version of the link if the images are postes with a HTTP (non-encrypted) URL/link, but if the site that is hosting the image doesn't support encryption the image(s) wont be displayed..
So if you try to post images then make sure you're using a HTTPS URL, or else you'll have to upload the image here or just create a normal link to the image on other site.