en memorandum


on the morning of may 30th, 2004, my grandfather, soldier in korea, in the states, died after fighting death for 2 months, and struggling onwards for eight days, wracked with pnumonia, bed sore and a fever, after his food and water iintake had been cancelled due to his innability digest it. in this condition he fought, until the lord took him home. please keep my family in your prayers, and God bless. and please remember, if you feel that you cannot continue or succeed, remeber those who have faced far greater odds than you are facing and won, or lost honerably. there is no greater foe than death and to defeat it is a slap in the face of hell, and a greater deed, no man can accomplish. and furthurmore, a sargeant once said "fatigue is mostly mental", good day, friends.
Like a true American- went out fighting! RIP sir.