Eco freaks are hitting my college


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These holes are going around at night and slashing all four tires on every truck and SUV they see. They actually hit one of my room mates who has a F-250, but only stole a valve cover. Easy fix. He has 10-ply tires anyway which would be nearly impossible to destroy with a mere knife. The guy next to him wasn't so lucky...Got 2 front tires slashed. They've even hit a friend of ours who drives a Saturn Vue, all 4 gone.

I sit here writing this nervous that they might hit my car tonight, which is NOT the most fuel efficient vehicle on the face of the planet. And tires for that thing are over $500 a set. I have insurance and all, but I still moved my car to a spot under a streetlight in hopes of preventing any mishap.

I just can't stand it when Eco-nazis like them get all up in arms and decide to screw with other people's stuff.
Id park myself in a bush, wait till they come, and beat there butts on the sport. You know they scrawny little commies so they cant fight for beans.
I personally think it's pretty ridiculous that they think by slashing tires (making 4 junk tires to sit in a scrap yard) that they're making a point over gas guzzling.

Trust me, I would LOVE nothing more than to sit in the woods with my night vision scope with a buddy or 2 and ambush them with the paintball guns on full pressure and charge. With the way my good one shoots around 450 fps, it'd surely break the skin, and being semi auto, it'd make them remember pretty well to keep the hell away.
Naw, I'm not going to do anything like that. Morning classes come too early in the morning. :shock: