Dutch LGS Fennek


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A great weapon and pretty modern.

This machine is in production since 2000 and with a top speed of 115 very fast.

The LGS Fennek is a wheeled, armed reconnaissance vehicle with a HK GMG machine gun, 7,62 mm.

Here are some pictures:




The LGS Fennek is still in active duty of the Dutch Royal Army. :tank:
and here a lot of my photos from this nice vehicle.
Nederland-Army ( Landmacht )

Fennek with the Anti-Tank Rocket " GILL" .

Fennek with MG :



Fennek by the German-Army ( Heer )


According to its specs, driver can regulate tire pressure to suit different kinds of terrain but not the actual ground clearance. To be fair to the Fennek though, I picked a bad picture to judge. Fennek's fording capability (100 cm) is even better than that of the Humvee (76 cm). :smil:
Yes, then you'd almost have a tank minus the armor, lol. That's the case with most modern IFVs. You put a nice remote controlled gun station or ATM on it and bam, your enemies numeric superiority in tanks is no longer such a big concern.

Spike ER looked great on the Turkish Cobra, I'm sure it'd look great on the Fennek too.

BTW, Aselsan was awarded to install KMS Stinger launchers on them.


Apparently for some reason the Dutch prioritize short-range AAW capability over anti-armor.
Well, the Dutch will in future have 18 Fennek SWP (Stinger Weapon Platform) and 78 MRAT (Medium Range Anti Tank) besides the other Versions.
So i won`t call this prioritization of short-range AAW capability over anti-armor.
Btw the Fennek was developed by the ARGE Fennek consortium, consiting of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), Germany and SP Aerospace and Vehicle Systems BV, Netherlands. After the bankruptcy of SPAerospace in August 2004 Dutch Defence Vehicle Systems (DDVS), has been set up by KMW to maintain the workshare in the Netherlands.
The Fennek come's with spike (as per one of my post's) and when it hits our shores (if it doe's) my name is on the list to crew it. (dreams are free).