Dutch commando's to Afghanistan.


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For the last few decades of peacekeeping missions it was always the "regular" military that went abroad. Finally, after much lobby work, the Dutch government was prepared to sent our commando's into the field. But being Dutch, this means in accordance with strict safety rules. (We learned some lessons from Srebrenica...)
One of the demands was that we worked with the Americans, but not under the command of the Americans. Secondly, if the Dutch came under fire, US gunships would offer immediate support etc. etc. This seemed okay to me.
But to my amazement a member of parliament stated the our forces shouldn't go because "it could be dangerous". To be continued....

But what I am looking for via this thread is: did any of you work with the Dutch in Afghanistan? What are the odds that our troops in Uruzghan will be in charge of that region or the the US claims control since their involvement and overview is much greater?
I have through the grapevine heard nothing but praise for the Dutch SF troops in Afghanistan.
That is quite a weight of my shoulders! I just hope that the people who represent our country life up to a solid and good military assessment. Sometimes it means more to hear foreigners (read involved) praise our troops than our politicians who don't know field artillery from a handgun.
I saw a picture of Dutch SF in Afghanistan painting (marking) targets for coalition aircrafts! They were well-equipped and looked tough!


Dutch AH-64s in Afghanistan


A Dutch paratrooper


This Dutch F-16, flying over Afghanistan, carries laser-guided bombs, but many NATO allies lack precision weaponry.
Thanks for the compliment Phoenix. Finally we sent a few guys who gladly pick up the gauntlet if the Taliban throws it down. We hear very little, due to welknown reasons, but sometimes you hear that they assist the US in apprehending terrorists or slug it out with their weapons.