It hasn't affected me, any of my loved ones, any of my friends / colleagues or their loved ones. Until that happens I'm non-committal. ;)
When the health care workers rotate, the Ebola virus can emerge everywhere.

In all endemics, epidemics, and when they reach the pandemic level. A third of the infected people are medical professionals. This causes a huge problem in the red zone when they begin to losing doctors and nurses. The Ebola and Marburg viruses are pretty nasty for the medical professionals, one tiny mistake and it can be over, especially in the decontamination process when they are taking of their protective gears. Even correcting the goggles in the ward can be a death sentence. However, the filovirus which Ebola and Marburg belongs to are not the pathogen which can create a huge problem. The flu virus is. Even though, the death of a hemorrhagic fever is awful, but unless its evolve and mutate. It is not so dangerous. It is not only the disease itself, what it does to the society can be even more dangerous, when the society collapse and it is really close for that in West Africa.
Duh mutates into stupid , ONE MAN can make a difference , Mr. DUNCAN has passed on his legacy of Ebola for all , right now there is the possibility that as many as 400 Americans affected , SO one man CAN make a difference .