Drugging Marines during Basic?


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This is just a rumor but a Marine buddy of mine recently graduate Basic and came back and told me that during boot camp neither him nor any other recruits ever had any sexual desires, he siad this might be due to high stress factor, but he also suspects that the military put drugs into thier food to prevent them from having any sexual urges. What are some people's take on this?
no, the military would not be able to put drugs into your food w/o someone finding out in the press or something. it would be a huge media pit if they tried. they put so much stress on you that during the times you can think of a sexual desire, you go to sleep. no time for it. there is no saltpeter in the water or anything crazy like that, also a recruit might be alergic and then the military is in a lot of crap for giving a recruit drugs illegaly w/o notifying them.
You will be too tired to worry about spankin yer monkey in Boot Camp.

No the Marine Corps does not Drug Recruits.

If drugs are the reason for the lack of sexual urges during Basic Training and other hard/survival exercises then all Armies of the world would be guilty of drugging their soldiers, not just the Marine Corps.. :)
We get that same rumor in Australia. It's a total load of :cen: . It's just people trying to scare other people, or explain their lack of desire and ability.
sleepyscout said:
Towards the end of basic I got one off you just got to concentrate.

What does that mean????

1 week before i left the island i woke up at 3am saw it up, said "oh cool" and went back to sleep.

And this one too????
well i graduated may 06 2005 at 0900 and i didn't have any probplems last night. or this morining. so i think it is bull. all of my buddies said that they put salt peter in the food but who knows all i know is that when i was on the island i didn't care one way or the other!! all i wanted to get off the island asap.