Drinking beer


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In the Netherlands, if you completed your course.

For the 11th Air Manouvre Brigade it is 21 weeks.(General Military Course 16 weeks. Advanced Air Manouvre Course 5 weeks) (red beret's)
And for the Green Berets it is 28 weeks.. (General Military Course 14 weeks, Advanced Course 6 weeks and the ECO* Basic Commando Course 8 weeks of pain and hell) after this you get 31 weeks of advanced commando courses.

If you completed these, you drink beer out of your well earned red or green beret.

We also got crazy thing like; if you got a cell phone on you during lessons..they make u build a cell phone out of wood, with measurments like; 1 metre by 1 metre. They also do this with pencils (if u forgot them) and with your rifle. If ur standing like more then 1 feet away from it. U can carry these items with you for one week. Looks quite silly :)
Everything tastes great, while your still burning in massive pain after your last week of your course.

You just marched 100 mile, and speedmarched (runned) 50miles) Not @ the same time, but during a week of loads of pain and mental training.
You slept like 6 hours in the entire week. So you really dont give a damn about drinking out your beret. Your glowing with pride and satisfaction.

The only thought crossing your mind is; Hell Yeah! I Made It!
Australian army drinking games sound a bit similiar. But it consists of downing rounds of VB as fast as possible, with one person representing each platoon, usually the youngest bloke. It ends in lots of spilt beer and vomit
there used to a certain port that was a favourite spot in the Mediterranean were in a certain street which was on a bit of hill it was full of Bars and Brothels, now an inter unit competition was to nominate a person from your unit to work his way down one side of this street and up the other side, partaking in a drink at one place then a woman in the next and so on until he came to halt or the end of the street . This was watched by both units both in the bar and in his performance in bed, ah isn't it a pity that those days have passed.
ah ye cant forget the lovely drinking boat races at the barracks bars. its not a good idea with guinness