Do we get to pick our Basic Training location ?


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Subject pretty much says it .... after reading about people's experiences at Ft.Benning, I am REALLY scared of that place, and would like to avoid it like the plague. Also, I heard they are experimenting with more 'intense' PT at that location, so is there any way at all that I can pick a different place to go to boot camp ?
Does training location depend on what MOS I pick ?

You know, if they are experimenting with more "intense" PT, don't you think that would help you get in shape faster? Avoiding Fat Camp means that you DON'T avoid hard physical activity. If you go in looking for an easy ride, those around you (including your DSs) will pick up on that immediately, and you will not be happy with the results. I don't know what your goals are in the service, but you need to get as far away from the attitude i've seen in your posts here as you possibly can, or you won't accomplish anything, if you want the hard truth.
No you can't pick. There are Fort Knox, Kentucky; Fort Jackson, South Carolina; Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; and Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

It depends on which side of the mississipi you are on. If you are on the East, you choose from Ft. Benning, Ft. Jackson, and Ft Leonardwood I believe. Maybe Knox, not 100% sure. But you do not get to pick. If you are afraid of intense PT, then work out harder now.
Until you change your attitude, I suggest you don't bother enlisting into any branch of the military. You will fail, and you if by some chance you don't .. you will force others to carry your load.

Ft. Benning is home of the infantry. Light PT is not an option.

No matter what MOS you choose, you will be required to put forth some slight physical effort. Unless you get up, and get yourself into shape, you will fail.

Change the attitude, then worry about PT and enlisting.
I asked for that....

Folks, your criticism is valid.....I do need to drastically revise my attitude before enlisting, lest I doom myself to failure before I begin. Your posts are helping me see how to succeed at BCT, not by looking for short-cuts, but by facing up to and getting through all the tough challenges involved.

Guess I have been conditioned by my software development to be wary of brute force algorithms, and to always seek simpler, quicker solutions to programming and other problems, but I realize that lateral thinking has no place in Army boot camp. Success here will only come from following the straight and narrow, and accepting the physical and mental challenges it throws up.

I don't know what is in my future, but I definitely see some very interesting choices coming up in the near future!

When you first enter the Army you attend what's calle Initial Entry Training (IET) it's split into two parts BCT and AIT.

Your Basic Combat Training (BCT/"basic training) local depends on what MOS you picked. If you have a combat arms or MP MOS you will go to what's called One Station Unit Training. You stay at the same location for both basic and AIT. You have the same Drill Sergeants for both and they will have your MOS. THey have a pretty good idea of what it takes to be sucessfull in your choosen filed. The reason that combat arms troops seem to do more PT and the instructors are harder on them is BECUASE THEY HAVE TO BE. The military is not a game. They are trying to provide you wil a set of skills that may one day save your life or ther other lives of other soldiers in your unit. I don't want to sound harsh, but if you are not sure you are ready to commit to it, then DON'T.

Remember the Army and Marines are ground combat forces. Their primary duty is to seek out the enemy, find him, and KILL him him. It's that simple. If you have a fear of physical activity, LONG hours, poor food and living conditions, then you may want to start looking at another profession.

Don't sign up just becuase you think its cool, or its what your frineds are doing make your own decession, becuase it one you will have to deal with. unlike most other jobs, this may actually get you KILLED.

I'm sorry if I seem blunt, but its just the way it has to be. There are entirely to may people joining the military that think its some kind of summercamp, or a quick way to earn some money for school. They take a check every month, and when crunch time comes they can't cut it.

Please, please, please, think long and hard about your future.
Nothing is really easy about BMT in the air force.

Sure the other armed forces knock the Air Force for thier seemingly relaxed approach to Military Training, but I am sure that all of you AF servicemembers will agree with me here that nothing is completely physical. The main point of Basic Training is to challenge you to the fullest potential, both physically and mentally. The Air Force is more psychological than physical because it takes more than brawn to complete the tasks. It is to weed out the recruits that don't have the heart or drive to serve in the world's most elite Air Power. Tasks like put 'em down, pick 'em up are routine when you initially arrive at Lackland. Training Instructors will push your buttons hard within the first 2 hours of being on the base, even while you are in-processing. The physical training is easy, because it's not designed to make you a huge, apathetic machine. The 2 mile runs, sit-ups, push-ups, and all the other random physical tasks are not designed to break you, they are to make you a strong bodied and strong minded airman.

I was a BMT Honor Graduate, Tech School Honor Graduate, and Airman of the Year at my base, I have been working my ass off since 2 months before I enlisted. I do this because I am not going to give my country a half- hearted, half-assed effort in her defense. I am proud to be an Airman, and I will continue to do my job with pride and honor.
Good post, Montrey .. nice to see we're still getting young guns with the go-hard attitude. Keep up the good work, Zoomie.
Spent 3 years stationed @ Ft. Benning, loved it as permanent party, Sand Hill, which is where BCT was, didn't seem too bad. Also unless things have changed, Ft. Knox is training for 19 series, I don't think they have BCT there only OSUT.