Do they have 2 year enlistments for the marines???


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The reason I ask this is because I was talking to a recruiter and he said that the marines just started doing a 2 year enlistment??? I was planning on being a state trooper when I got out...and I believe all they want is a 2 years in serice requirement. I was thinking why do the 4 when i only have to do the 2. Does anyone know any info. on this?????
Why bother joinin at all? If all your lookin for is something to buffer your resume I dont think the Marines is the way to do that. I have never heard that in order to be part of the highway patrol they "require" you to have military experience, I could be wrong. Best bet is reserves, that way you dont have to have a full committment. No that is not a dig at Reserves either.
My suggestion would be for you not to join at all. If the only reason you are joining is to, as Sooners said, pad your resume - you will not have an enjoyable time and could end up doing more harm to your future than need be. And to be honest, the Corps does not need someone like that.

I know of no state agency that requires military service. You can substitute military service for college credits or prior police experience. Try looking into those routes.
No you all have the wrong picture. I have wanted to join the marines ever since I have graduated. It is just that I have family that is really against it. They think as soon as I get out of Boot Camp that I will be shipped directly to Iraq. I really don't think they would do that, but in my opinion if they do then they do. I am not going to be mad, I would proudly serve my country anywhere! I do want to become a stae trooper when I get out. The only reason that I asked that question was because of my family. I would consider it a honor and privledge to be a marine!
So you are asking this so you can tell your parents that this is one good reason you want to join the Marines? And hopefully convince them that you can join?