Differences between Army and Air Force


Active member
Army-What the hell is that
Air Force-What time is my flight

Army-GP Medium
Air Force-Days Inn! What? Was the Hilton booked?

Army-Another 12 months I just got back
Air Force-What the hell are you talking about 90 days

Per Diem:
Army-Wow 3.50 a day. Just think in two days I can actually get the whole Happy Meal
Air Force: 90 dollars. Awesome! Hey baby want to go out tonight?

Basic Training:
Army-Yes only 3 weeks left.
Air Force-Hey mom can you come pick me

Sleeping in:
Army- Crap its after 6! I'm going to be late
Air Force- I missed Lunch!?

Forced Road March:
Army-What only 7 miles
Air Force-You want me to do what?

Army-Think I can get another day out of this one?
Air Force-How do my creases look?

Eating in the field:
Air Force-Pass the steak sauce please

All purpose cleaner:
Army-Private get over here
Air Force-409

Airborne School:
Army-Oh sounds like fun
Air Force-Why?? I don't understand

Air Conditioning:
Army-Hummer with the windows zipped down
Air Force-Hey could you turn the air up

Army-small tent with one phone and computer
Air Force-Damn this sand really gets everywhere

Army-Who's next?
Air Force-Sorry I already have a date

Army-Sorry the captain needs it now
Air Force-My fingers are starting to cramp up

Army-Wow I didn't know dirt could get up that far
Air Force-Crap I got dirt under my nails

Low Crawl:
Army-S**t I just took a shower
Air Force-Isn't that something a snake does?

Cover and Concealment:
Army-That rock and brush look good
Air Force-Ya I think they have that down at the BX

Rainy Day:
Army-I don't care if your gortex leaks
Air force-So whats on TV today

Army-So how many times have you been married now?
Air Force- Happy Anniversary baby
Thank you!Very nice!
I,m asking my god to give me talent of joke.
But everytime,he asks"Ⅰ,m trying to"
Now Now, the navy do an incredibly important job. Who else is going to do all that fisihng?