DEP, Delayed Entry Program

The Delayed Entry Program is another way to enlist while still in high school. If you don't want reserves, you can enlist and wait for your ship date. You get time in service and they give you chances to get promoted.
The DEP, well lets see all i kno is that it is just the delayed entry program and that, what the recruit told me that it is tough to get out of and go active when you graduate for college or highschool. He told me that he was working on trying to get guys out of the reserves and go active. So if any one could help me with this it would be great.
I enlisted last June as Active duty. They put me in DEP until i get out of high school. You just go to the recruiters office and they give classes on land nav and stuff like that, and then we do PT. If you can get other people to enlist you get a promotion and if you complete your DEP tasklist you get another promotion. If you do both of those things, you can go to basic at the rank of PFC.
i was in it for like a few days..

enjoy highschool then worry about the military.

best advice i can give you

DEP is just a waiting room to join the military
My brother was in DEP a year before actually going to Basic. He left as a PFC (one promotion for completing the DEP program and one for recruiting his friend). It also has other great advantages, like the Army shirts they give you. You can only get them from the DEP program.
well my brother went into the DEP untill he graduated from High School. my brother enlisted like a week before 9/11 and once 9/11 happened that just made him wanna get in the marines and to Iraq....but he didnt go (my parents were glad)
I am currently in DEP. I am still in high school, i graduate in june, and my ship out date is in July. We have like 2 meetings a month at the recruiters office. and you also get time served for your reseve time