Darky Harris

bush musketeer

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A couple of storys concearning Darky Harris (MM)

Darky was up for being drunk and
reconditioning a millitary policeman

Colonel Mac Dour was a man of few words. "Anything to say?" he, asked, after hearing the evidence.

"No sir," said Darky, scowling and unrepentant.

"Dealt with by me?"

"Yes sir"

Fourteen Days Number 2 Punishment"!

As the prisoner and escort moved off, Darky looked back over his shoulder.

"Merci!" he remarked in his best French.

"Halt! about turn" roared Mac Dour, and when the manoeuvre had been acomplished:

TWENTY-EIGHT Days Number 2. Comprez?


Darky Harris was an old soldier who had been there from the start. He had been promoted several times for good war work and demoted just as often for "getting on the scoot". Darky liked to drink you see. This day he's up in front of a brand new Platoon Commander just arrived from Aus. His shininess says, "I understand that this is not the first time you've been in trouble, sergeant".
Darky looks him over s-l-o-w-l-y. and drawls, "No sir, the first time I was breached it was for having a dirty bow and arrow".