Yeah they are cool, just hate that funell at the end of the gun. Anyone know why they are used (not on the 90120 but the IFV version)? Is there any use for them at all, or are they there just to make it look ugly and old? :lol:

Never noticed that the track left the ground :o
Missileer said:
Jeez, the tracks came off the ground. :shock:

Dear Member,

I can remember back in the days after the Iran Hostage Crisis there was big debate going on about the Rapid Deployment Force that Jimmy Carter ordered and the US Army testing light armored vehicles at Ft Lewis for both the Army and Marines. There was one photo of a 105mm tank cannon firing from a 8X8 vehicle and I mean you could tell it was moving the vehicle. The article stated it could not fire to many degrees off of straight ahead. But as hard as it sounds they have developed what they call "soft recoill" 105mm systems which light armored vehicles can fire with. With out a reduction in MV of the APDS-FS round (ie most 105mm cannons on light armored vehicles in the past were medium velocity smooth bores that could only fire HEAT rounds).

Jack E. Hammond
If you look closely at the video, the tanks position has rotated slightly when the snow has dispersed, and the left hand track jumps up as the rear of the tank rotates anticlockwise, more noticable when you click to replay, the position jumps to the start.