Cutie Snakey..


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I bought him yesterday.. Err, I mean at friday. Lol

A corn-snake. I finally decided what to buy and it turned out to be a natural coloured corn snake.

And I actually named him Pushkin. :twisted:
When I find the digital camera wich have gone missing I will take a shot at him. :D

He is a poet, Errr, when he doesn't bite.

He is quite cranky, but he is ridiculous with that little mouth and teeth.

I call him geeky Pushkin right now because of his "wannabe-cobra" mood. :lol:

Let's see if the photo shows up. :p
Cute little thing.. :D
A real "guard snake" :wink:

how big does it get, and what does it/he/she eat??
It's a he and it can get up to a meter and a half.

But they often stays at 120 cm.. and as it is a male he is smaller then the females.

He eat pinkies, wich is newborn baby mice. They are frozen and already dead so no animal is harmed. :p

But he has started to try to show off against me and want a shot at me almost everytime I pick him up.

and for my sake he can bite me how many times he wants. His teeth are so small and his jaws too so it just feels like a little bump. :lol:

They aren't poisnonous either so he doesn't have much to scare me with.

I have grown up with wild swedish snakes before so this one is nothing compared to the wild ones.
be careful .. those snakes need to be spoiled otherwise they tend to die..
a girl of mine used to have one and she left it alone for one day .. and then it died.

cute thing tho
Well, I am not saying that I am right.

But that snake problaby had someproblems in some way.

He could have had problem with breaking down the food or something.

Because my snake hates being spoiled, he wants to bite my head off everytime I try to tend to him.

He is quite angry, but maybe it's cus he got stuck in a thing the first night after I had bought him. But anyways, I can deal with him.

And as I am teached and learned they need to be alone more then be spoiled with. And if you feed them to often or give them a "snack" then they can get sick.

there are many diseases we don't see along snakes and that snake problaby had some problems with the inner part.

Food can lay there to long and if he can't "poop" the rests out it can grow bacterial and the bacterials will eat the snake inside out.

There are many ways to see if a snake is ok.

But as I don't know that snake your friend had or how it lived or looked I can't actually make a statement about that.

i just had a visual on the eating the snake inside out.. eshh
what a nightmare..
yeah well they had 2 and one died .. the other one soon followed because of depression.. the other was alone.

maybe they just need a lot of attn.
The thing is, If they get a lot of attention they can die by stress.

they are night creatures, they hunt by night and move by night.

When day light they often hide because of their instinct to do so.

On daylight they can be seen by predators and enemies like humans and other animals wich can harm them in one or another way.

When it's night they can go by smell and hearing, as well as sight.

Snakes can easily get stressed out and rearely die by depression as far as I know of.

Maybe the terrarium was to small?

Maybe it didn't drink enough water?

Did it have fresh water?

Did it have somewhere to hide?

Did it get picked up to often?

How old was them?

I can ask you a thousands of questions.

But as I said, I don't know how the friend had the snakes and such.

and I definetly don't know how the snake looked like before they died.

So I am not a person who can actually make these judgements.

But these things is what I have studied and read since I was a kid.

Maybe it depends on what snake she had.

I am sorry to hear that the snakes died though. :(

They are one of the best creatures I know.