Current Issue Optics/Scopes


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I was wondering what the current issue optics/scopes are for your country's military, and especially the standard issue optics/scope for the US military.
(raytheon) elcan c79


3.4x mag, apparently if u break it it's radioactive
there is a large number of optics in use. The scope above is a M145 used for crew served weapons such as the M240B or M249 during day light hours. For are m4's we use m68 reflex sights and A.C.O.G's For night sights we use the pvs-4 tvs-5 impas-13 and peq 2/4's with pvs 7D or 14's. Those are just the sights carried in my scout platoon are sniper teams have even more as for optics we have m25 gyo stabilized binos and the LRAS 3.

I have actually never heard of a m145 breaking but i don't believe there really that hazardous. hell are compasses are radioactive they even have the waring on the back.