Cross of St George?

Admin don't get me wrong I'm not complaining it's just when I saw St Andrew's Flag on the flag menu I thought that the Cross of St George would also be there to represent the several English posters on this site. Would it be possible if the English Flag could also appear on the flag list?
The union jack seems to be doing the job fairly well. While it is ultimately Redleg's decision, too many unnecessary flags will simply add clutter, in my opinion.
I've decided to remove the Scottish flag, so we will only keep the national flags from now on. (or else we could end up with all of the american state flags as well....)

But I may soon make a new PX shop with flags like that, so you can display them in your gear...
Thanks Redleg, the Union flag represents the British posters on here well, I only mentioned it because of the Scottish flag appearing, now that it's gone I have no worries.