How many hours the day do you think Marskman spends on his computer ?

  • Less than 2 hours.

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  • 2- 3 hrs.

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  • 3-4 hrs.

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  • More than 4 hrs.

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Italian Guy

Milforum Hitman
I noticed that Marksman is on the forum every sigle time I happen to be surfing the web and his posts are more and more numerous. Dont you guys think? I know he's off school so he's got more spare time, and I mean I like him being around. But my question is the one above. I believe he spends at least 4 hrs daily.
Marksman said:
Wanna splendid pole you have here Anto............ :lol:

Yeah well I'm just curious. You're becoming the boss here! ( kidding, RedLeg ). I just try to figure out whether the others have noticed you're around a whole lot or not. I mean it's a nice thing, not a nasty one. Ok? :lol:
Well, his comp. is logged almost whole day, cuz he has cable net, but I know him, he spends whole day in front that box :)
Well, u dont have to be on the net too long to post as much as he does. You just have to every single new reply on sight for a few hours. :D
I even miss him the few hours he is gone. :shock:

Wait, There is the addictive side again!....

I am gaming and Marksman addictive!!! :shock:


I believe it's more then four hours, so that's what I voted. Especially when he does other thjing with his PC then just this forum, it must be over 4 hrs! :D
I agree with 1217, I don't know how much is he "hooked up" on computer. But I shure know he ain't studying for final test :lol:
If you think thats alot i got a freind who from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed. He is on the computer or eating. In the future he's going to be one of those computer geeks who sits in a clothset all the time on his computing doing who knows what.
Alright, I'm turning off the lights and locking up here before somebody gets offended. (or gets offended any more than they already are :? )

Behave yourselves.
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