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Does anyone here play counter strike?

I personally think its one of the best FPS games ever created and i think everyone should play it
Yea I'm in that community... 14-17 year old males who do nothing else. I've played for years. Its all about finding a good server. Once you find a good server with skilled players, theres not much in this world that will give you a better feeling. LAN parties with trusted friends are the times of my life. Can't wait for HL2 btw.
Yeah, i think it comes out in November of this year. Its gonna be great because if you get shot in the leg, then it shows. And there is a plasma rocket launcher
Is CS still infected with cheaters and hackers? I couldn't stand the unfair gameplay and that's mostly why I left. I play BF:1942 and AA now. They are much better in my opinion.
Yes, yes, and no.

CS is infected with cheaters and hackers.

BF is infected with cheaters and hackers.

AA however is not.

Solutions? Clans, LANs, and Punkbuster.

Clanfights are always (almost) clean, and the level of skill is amazing.

LAN parties, you know everyone playing personally and therfore able to physically abuse any potential cheaters.

Punkbuster, works amazingly well to weed out cheaters and hackers.

Awesome game, not going to let some *POOF*ing *POOF*s ruin it for me.

BF and AA are also amazing games. When HL2 comes out, I give it 3 days before CS2 comes out :twisted:.

Mods: I saved you guys the trouble, I poofed it myself :)
AA great game, I just don't like it when ppl are bunny hopping all over and use hand grenades as primary weapons :x Other then that, it's a thrill to be the only one on your team and the whole team is watching you win the game for them! :twisted:
Wow, I've looked at that site before a while back ago and then to find the person who started it on this forums :p lol, that's pretty funny
I played in BFE when it started up way back like 2 years ago I think? Its a thing for Day of Defeat. Well now I think it covers other mods too but it was a real blast. Im pretty sure was the name of it. I play CS now and then. Insanejustice servers are where I play at. Good community id say. Ive played BF1942 and it was cool. I want to see BFVientma though that looks intense. Delta Force Blackhawk Down is also pretty good.