Couldn't find my combat boots...


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Actually it's a fake (shoe commercial), but it still looks funny :D
yay, one time one of my friends in ROTC wore his cammies and he couldnt find his combat boots so he wore the shoes off of the charlie uniform with with the cammies, that was pretty funny, i wish i had gotten a pic of it.
At my unit last year, whenever cammies were the uniform of the day and we had drill, we'd drill in our oxfords instead of the boots so we kept the feel of marching in drill shoes. It looked amazingly ridiculous...especially since we still kept our pants bloused.
Like a moron I forgot my dress shoes in my locker during the police academy. I wore black dress socks for the whole day and lucky non of my instructors never noticed.... As for the photo. It looks like a ad from a German Shoe Company.