Could be worse


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Latest annoying crap from here-
1-A couple was gunned down by terrorists 10 miles from beer-sheeba.
2-Israel assisanated 3 Islamic Jihad men in Gaza. Unfotunatly, a 10 year old kid was killed in the assination as well, I deeply regret this, I hope his family will never know sorrow again.
I do almost not react when I hear news about soldiers or terrorists getting killed, but hearing about children is real bad...

News like that involving children are the worst....
It is

Yes....Obvcours those bastards usually carry their kids around with them so they can die togather.....Still, damn shame. That couple had a young baby....They dident get the Palestinians who killed them...
He was not

The child wasent killed. He was near the car the Terrorists were in and the blast from the ATGM hit injured him...
I saw in the news from AFP that one terrorist(I don't know if this is related to what you reported) was assassinated and in the process a fifteen year old was killed because he tried to return fire. Child death in this instance can only be blamed on the Palestinians for raising them up to be reckless from the beginning.