Copied Military Hardware

Mark Conley

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Todays weird forum topic is countries that have copied other countries military hardware, either by allowance from the country that designed it, or by other means.

I have noticed in certain topics that this subject keeps popping up. So heres a topic area that allows you to vent your spleen on the subject, with certain restrictions.

1. Back up your assertions with pictures or links that are available to the members so that we can properly ascertain its correctness.

2. If you are going to discuss the topic, you will do it with dignity. No flamming. Post the assertion only once, and let it stand. What you post the first time has got to stand up by itself.

3. This topic is historical as well. Can range across the whole spectrum...from the colonists in the US that borrowed the design of the tomahawk from the indians, to what ever. It just has to be verifiable.

MY topic starter: The B-29 and the TU-4 Bomber from Soviet Russia.

as the story went, three B-29s that were bombing Japan had to divert and land in siberia, where because of the neutrality of the Soviets to the Japanese, the Soviets had to intern the bombers and the crews. The Bombers somehow wound up in Moscow, were reverse engineered, and turned up in the Soviet inventory as TU-4s.

Although the russian versions did not have the same engines as the american versions (which during that time, were prone to fires) its obviously a very complete copy of the B-29 from the photos.

Tank: STRV 122 and Leopard 2 A5 :lol: STRV is now manufactured in Sweden and updated. Well was atleast, dont know if all have been delivered but i would think so.

Do i need to supply ducuments of it? :lol:
i can say that russian GAZ-63 is copyed US truck from WWII(cant remember the name.Its a very good truck though my dad owns one of last standing ones........very good indeed

I do'nt have a source but the Anglo-American armies in WWII copied the Jerry Can from -- you guessed it, the Jerries. In North Africa the British realized the Germans gasoline containers were much better than their own flimsy ones. So they copied em. Then we copied em.

Soviet Kalashnikov rifle cloned in several Asian and Western Europe countries, and copied or adapted in other assault rifles from the Valmet to the Galil.

The FN FAL and its various spinoffs: British L1A1, Brazilian IMBEL, Canadian C2.

And the Spanish CETME ModA that was licenced to H&K to develop the G3
And what about the PASGT helmet, it looks veeeeery similar to old german helmet, doesn't it?